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Cleaning & Maintaining A Taylor 340 / 390 Machine

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taylor 340 and 390 frozen beverage slush machines behind a caution sign that says machine maintenance is in progress with slices concession logo on upper left corner

In this post we will walk you through the steps necessary to clean your Taylor 340 and 390 frozen beverage / slushy machine parts.


  • There are no tools necessary for the disassembly and reassembling of the machine, everything can be done by hand.
  • Slush machine parts should not be placed into a dishwasher for cleaning, everything should be washed by hand.

Disassembling The Machine

Step 1

Make sure you drain the machine completely of its product mix. Press wash mode button on machine to eject product, then to flush the product pour a gallon of warm/ hot water into the hopper. Repeat putting hot water into the hopper until the water that comes out of the machine's spouts is clear.

Check the machine to make sure machine is turned off. To do this there are three different positions on the machine's electrical switch. Make sure the switch is at the center position to fully turn it off.  

Step 2

Use your hands to undo the four screws holding the door to the machine, and then pull the door off. Pull the pin out of the small torque bar that sits on the front of the door. Take off the little cushion on the end of the bar that faces the inside of the machine.

Pull out the beater and check the two blades in the beater for signs of damage or cracking because these blades are necessary to scrape the product mix off of the barrel. To separate the metal blade from the plastic, gently hit it against the counter top to have both pieces separate themselves. These components should be thoroughly washed in warm/hot water.

Step 3

Pull out the drive shaft & remove the rubber boot. The rubber boot is important because it prevents the product mix from spilling into the machine & causing damage to the electronic parts. The rubber boot should be cleaned by hand & adequately lubricated before reattaching it to the drive shaft & machine. If the rubber boot ever has some type of damage & begins to leak, there is a rubber tray located underneath it to collect any leaking product & prevent it from coming in contact with the machinery.

Always be checking the rubber tray for signs of leakage in the machine. If there is product mix in the tray, you either need to replace the rubber boot or lube it again. Another thing to note is when you are reattaching the rubber boot to the drive shaft, the small bump on the rubber needs to be facing outward, if not the rubber will not seal the drive shaft & keep product out of the machine.

Reassembling The Machine

When reassembling the Taylor margarita machine parts it is important that you use a food grade lubricant, which is sterile & edible. In the case that the lubricant comes in contact with the food & becomes part of the product mix, it is important that it be food grade.

Step 1

You pull back the drive shaft's rubber boot and fill it with lubricant. Then put back the drive shaft into the gear box with the hexagonal shaped end connecting into the gear box. When you attach it firmly in place you should feel a considerable distance between entering it & having it connect fully to the gear box. Use your fingers to remove the excess lubricant from the rubber boot of the drive shaft.

Step 2

Before putting the beater back in, check it for damage because sometimes you might drop or accidentally damage the beater therefore causing it to bend out of place. if the beater is bent out of place it might damage the inside of the machine's barrel. If any piece is bent out of place or looks even somewhat questionable, we recommend you call a Taylor technician to take a look at it.

Taylor has technicians in every region of the world, willing to help you with all of your technical needs (even if there are no taylor technicians near your location, Taylor is such a common machine that even technicians in rural areas have experience & familiarity with taylor machines). You slip on the blades onto little pegs on the sides of the beater, the blades should be able to flap & move slightly in place.

The plastic parts of the blades should be facing outward. Depending on usage, we estimate that about every 90 days you should replace your components with a tune up kit (Replace the blades the bushings & the O rings need be replaced).

Step 3

When you slide the beater back into the barrel make sure that the oval shaped hole connects into the drive shaft of the machine. The beater should be placed into the machine so that it is not sticking out farther than the end of the barrel. If it is sticking out, we recommend you take it out and make sure the drive shaft is correctly in place.

The bushing should be placed firmly on the torque bar by lubricating the tip of the torque bar so the bushing stays in place. At the opposite end you should lubricate the small O ring which seals the door.

Step 4

When disassembling the door take out the lock pin from the top and then the handle. When observing the door, the lock pin holds the door handle in place. After removing those, you will see an offset hole on the top of the draw valve which you should rotate until the hole is facing forward which will allow you to remove a metal pin. After removing the pin you will be able to remove the draw valve & the O rings from the valve to clean & lubricate them. Then remove the door seal & clean it & the area it rests on the door.

The door seal does not have to be lubricated because it is not a moving part & the lubricant can cause the door to look messy. The lubricant on the draw valve allows smooth movement for up to seven days. When reinstalling the O rings, it is best to gently rotate it into place instead of a quick movement because this can damage the O rings. The hole of the draw valve should be offset to the pin facing away from the door.

When putting the pin into place, there is a groove on the draw valve that connects to the pin. Also, rotate the draw valve so that the hole on the side of the draw valve is perfectly aligned with the door's handle groove (long hole cut into door for the handle to smoothly move the draw valve up and down the machine door).

Step 5

Place the bushing used to center the drive shaft on the end of the door that faces the machine. If you hear a loud noise of metallic scratching or a "metal on metal" noise you should turn off the machine & check to see if the bushing is damaged or properly in place.  Make sure enough lubricant is on the O ring of the torque bar because this goes through the door's center hole. After placing the door on the machine, you need to secure it by firmly screwing the four pins on the outside corners of the machine's door. On the portion of the torque rod that is between the door & the draw valve, roll it with your finger so you can place the holding pin into the hole at the top of the door.

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* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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