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What We Learned at Starter Space with Mami's Foods & Lloyd’s Pennsylvania

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taylor c713 frozen yogurt machine with starter space lloyd's of PA & slices concession logos infront of 3 happy smiling women eating soft serve ice cream

At an Ice Cream Social last Friday, we had the opportunity to participate in some great discussions at Starter Space. Providing a great location and connecting with a great community. As a local business, like Starter Space, we believe in fostering entrepreneurial spirit both at home in Gainesville and everywhere else we do business.

Mami’s Foods

Mami's Foods logo with bright blue and yellow colors

We want to give a special shoutout to Mami’s Foods. They are a family-run company bringing indulgence & delight to their customers while upholding the highest ethical standards. They produce vegan treats, dessert mixes including gelato, soft serve, hot drinks and bubble tea! While at the networking event, we created a mouth watering Vegan strawberry coconut flavor using a Stoelting F231(Reconditioned by Slices Concession through our 22 point inspection), Mami's vegan coconut mix, and fresh strawberries. Thank you Naomi and Nate!


Lloyd's of Pennsylvania


Lloyd's of Pennsylvania frozen custard and frozen yogurt mixes company logo

We also want to show our support for Lloyd's of Pennsylvania Custard Mix. Incorporated in 1977, they are a third generation, family owned and operated business. Using extensive research and product development experience, Lloyd’s carries ice cream, frozen custard, and all natural mixes. They also develop proprietary and custom mix formulations specific to customer needs. Again, we had the pleasure of using our machine and Lloyd's mix to create a 10% creamy, flavorful Vanilla Ice Cream. Thank you Andrew!

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Starter Space Entrepreneur Event with smiling and laughing people of all diverse background eating and enjoying their soft serve in a cup with toppings

taylor 430 and stoelting f231 machine with cups, spoons, and other eating utensils placed ontop of them

Starter Space Event with people socializing and laughing pouring frozen lemonade and soft serve ice cream into cups

* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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