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What is Vanilla Powder? Real vs. Fake Vanilla

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First we want to thank Singing Dog Vanilla for providing this incredible information. 

So, what is vanilla powder? The popular definition of Vanilla Powder has evolved since our company started. When we first entered the vanilla business in 2004, Vanilla Powder was a vanilla flavored sugar or dextrose. This was used for sprinkling on coffee or as a dusting for pastries.  Often the vanilla flavor itself did not come from real vanilla. Some vanilla powders on the market today do have flavoring that is derived from real vanilla but they are using another, non-vanilla base, or bulking agent.

Searching the term “vanilla powder” on Google I found quite an array of different products. The following combinations are all listed as Vanilla Powder but are all different products.  You can see there is no uniformity in the definitions of “vanilla powder”.

  1. Vanilla extract sprayed onto silicon dioxide base.
  2. Vanilla extract sprayed onto a dextrose base.
  3. Vanilla extract with Evaporated Cane Juice and Silicon Cellulose.
  4. 100% ground vanilla beans.

Real Vanilla Powder is Brown

Real vanilla is brown, not white or cream colored.  The first 3 blends listed above are white in color.  The fourth one will be dark brown.  If it is important that your coffee cream or cake frosting is white, while also vanilla flavored, then you may wish to use a “powder” that is blended with dextrose or silicon.

When shopping for vanilla powder keep in mind that what you call vanilla powder may be different from what the vanilla company thinks is vanilla powder.   Shameless plug: Our Ground Vanilla Powder is simply real vanilla beans ground up into a fine powder.  For the retail consumer, we have a vanilla bean grinder. This has chopped-up vanilla beans in a jar with a grinder top that allows you to freshly grind the vanilla beans into your dessert, pastry, smoothie, or yogurt.

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