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Pinterest to Perfection: Watermelon Ice Cream

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Nothing says summer more than the cool, refreshing taste of a juicy watermelon. Why not add it to everyone’s favorite summer treat, ice cream? Well, a recipe on Pinterest has done just that! With only a loaf pan and blender, you can own the summer dessert scene with this delicious recipe.



But if you’re in the ice cream business, there may be a way to make this frozen treat even better. For instance, a batch freezer ice cream machine can make a thicker, creamier treat than any freezer or blender. Slices Concession offers machines that might just make your summer dreams come true:

Taylor 104 & Carpigiani LB100


Left: Taylor 104; right: Carpigiani LB100
  • Both models utilize single phase operation (most common)
  • Both models are air cooled
  • Automatic timer, to ensure a perfect batch every time
  • Key differences:
    • The Taylor is going to clock in at a solid 165 lbs, while the Carpigiani is going to weigh in at a heftier 210 lbs.
    • The Taylor holds 3 quarts of ice cream, while the Carpigiani holds 4 quarts.

With countertop installation, both are powerful, yet size-conscious models for making 1 flavor of ice cream. With watermelon ice cream, do you even need another flavor?

But what about the at-home ice cream enthusiast? You're in luck! Slices Concession has a machine to keep you cool this summer too!

Taylor Frigomat G10G

  • Air cooled and single phase, like the Taylor 104 and Carpigiani LB100
  • "Temperature Preservation" - Keeps the product at the right temperature and consistency, even if not immediately dispensed
  • Net Weight: 121 lbs. - 44 lbs. lighter than the Taylor 104 and 89 lbs. lighter than the Carpigiani LB100

A featherweight relative to its class, this sleek machine still packs the punch needed for perfect watermelon ice cream - in the comfort of your own home! Sure, a pan and blender will make pretty good ice cream, but pale in comparison to the craftsmanship achievable with the Taylor Frigomat G10G.

If you would like more information or to see the full line of Batch Freezers, contact Slices Concession at (352) 262-9627.

 * Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.


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