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Batch Freezers

A batch freezer is a machine used to commercially produce large volumes of ice cream, gelato, sorbet, frozen custard, and sherbet. In this freezer, the product mix (also called the base) is frozen and whipped simultaneously to create a smooth consistency. Different machines will have a slightly different whipping and consistency, Please call us to make sure to get the correct machine for your concept. There are four different types of commercial ice cream batch freezers: 1) multi-purpose, 2) regular horizontal, 3) all-in-one combination, and 4) open vertical.

In terms of volume output, the batch ice cream freezer is the perfect option for a small to medium-sized business. This is because it allows you to produce different volumes of product. A small 115-volt ice cream machine designed for at-home usage can only process a small amount of liquid product mix, but a batch freezer can process up to 6 gallons (24 quarts) per batch.

Commercial ice cream batch freezers range from sizes from half a gallon (2 quarts) up to 11 gallons (44 quarts). Some brand models can finish the process of making fresh products in under 20 minutes. Though most machines monitor the churning time, newer models can even stop the freezing process when serving product so that the product has 100% complete consistency when served.

New and used batch freezers will also come either 1 phase or 3 phase and air or water-cooled. 1 phase is available in every building, however, some of the larger machines will not be able to run on 1 phase. 3 Phase while widely available is not everywhere and adding it can be very expensive. We recommend knowing what power you have available before placing an order to make sure you receive compatible equipment.

These commercial ice cream batch freezers have a very long life expectancy. The standard life expectancy on a batch freezer can be 25+ years as we have seen many owners with machines from the late ’80s or early ’90s who anchor their business on this type of machine.