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Vegan Recipe: Strawberry Ice Cream Swirl

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During the hot summer season, we all try to find ways to cool down: Eating salads, popsicles, and chilled water. But out of all of these a couple ice cream scoops are well deserved. With a couple of freshly picked local strawberries you can make your own vegan strawberry ice cream swirl and enjoy it in your backyard.

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Coconut ice cream base is one of those things that goes great with every fresh ingredient. From chocolate to fresh fruits to nuts, coconut makes a delectably smooth ice cream. The trick to the ice cream is to use a full fat coconut milk (avoid coconut cream and low fat coconut milk because they do not give you the same rich texture). 

Though many people choose agave as a sweetener to make it 100% vegan, you can still try honey as an option. Usually agave is very sweet but this vegan strawberry ice cream recipe tempers the sweetness of the agave with the rich fatty content of the coconut milk. Many homemade ice cream recipes made with real berries inevitably become flavorless frozen chunks of ice which is why in this recipe, we cook the strawberries into a natural sauce.

- Joe Kearns, Owner Slices Concession

 The strawberry sauce is super simple: cook 2 cups of quartered berries for 5 minutes in some natural sugar (we recommend cane sugary because it's minimally processed). After letting it cool, you can add it into the ice cream base towards the end.

Tip: reserve 1/4 cup of the strawberry sauce and swirl it into the finished ice cream instead of putting into the product mix for processing so that the ice cream has a more visual swirl of pink color.

Extra tip: some graham cracker cookies on the side or organic vegan chocolate chips in the ice cream mix would be wonderful! As you can tell, the "piccolo cuoco" (little Italian chef) is full of yummy ideas this summer season.

Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream Swirl Recipe

*Recipe Notes:

  • Some people have enjoyed using tapioca or arrowroot starch instead of cornstarch.
  • Since coconut milk separates into different layers, it's important to shake it up to mix up the layers.
  • Recipe for at home usage. For commercial purposes, consult your local health department on regulations


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mesmerized anime emoji on strawberry 30 ounces (2 cans) of full fat coconut milk
closed eye satisfied happy emoji strawberry1/2 cup agave nectar
open mouthed excited emoji strawberry1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
tongue out cheeky smiligy strawberry emoji1/4 cup all natural sugar
tongue out cheeky smiligy strawberry emoji1 sliced vanilla bean
open mouth happy emoji strawberry2 cups of diced strawberries
open mouth happy emoji strawberry2 tabelspoons of cornstatch


 -Step 1-

open mouthed excited emoji strawberryMake sure you thoroughly shake up the contents of the coconut milk before opening the cans. Use the saucepan to combine the remaining coconut milk with the salt and agave. Use medium-low heat for 2 minutes to combine all the ingredients until mixture is smooth.

 -Step 2-

tongue out cheeky smiligy strawberry emojiWhisk 1/2 cup of coconut milk with cornstarch in a small bowl until well mixed. Stir this mix into the warm coconut milk base with the vanilla bean and pod. Cook using medium heat for 6-8 minutes or until thick enough to coat spoon. Don't let the mix boil.

 -Step 3-

open mouth happy emoji strawberryRemove the base from the heat, throw away the vanilla pod and pour into a separate bowl. Let it cool for about 30 minutes, then put into the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.

 -Step 4-

closed eye satisfied happy emoji strawberryMake the strawberry sauce while the base is cooling: dice up the strawberries, add sugar and put on heat to a steady low boil. When boiling, reduce heat to let simmer & cook for about 5 minutes until the berries are shapeless and juicy. Put in a bowl & let cool for 30 minutes. When cooled, use blender to make it into a thick sauce and then set aside.

 -Step 5-

mesmerized anime emoji on strawberryAccording to manufacturer instructions, pour the ice cream base and sauce into your ice cream machine. Depending on your ice cream machine model, it will be 10-20 minutes to make the final product. Also, some machines make the product ready to serve or you need to pull the bucket out from the machine and store it for serving.

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* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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