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Top 3 Tips For Buying A Frozen Yogurt Machine For Your Shop Or Restaurant

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6 wall mounted stoelting frozen yogurt machines in ice cream shop

Just like that American saying goes " you can't build a house without first having a firm foundation" in the same way you cannot have a successful frozen yogurt shop if you don't have the proper machines & equipment. Depending on the configuration of your shop & your expected sales, there are different machines that fit your needs differently. These are the 3 tips you should consider when looking to buy a Frozen Yogurt Machine:

1. Consider Buying A Used Machine

You should be cautious when buying a new machine because the first 2 years after purchase, even if you only used the machine once, the machine loses about 50% of its value. This could result in major & easily avoidable losses if you were to resell your machines.

2. Gravity Or Pressure Fed

A gravity fed machine is best suited for franchises where simplicity & easy to use machines are needed. Independent restaurant or shop owners prefer pressure fed machines because they are more energy efficient & produce a higher volume of product mix. Gravity machines tend to be cheaper while pressurized machines are more expensive.

For example: The price range for a brand new pressurized machine is sixteen to twenty thousand dollars but a gravity fed brand new machine has a price range of thirteen to nineteen thousand dollars. We are able to sell machines very close to new for less than half of those prices.

3. Come See Our Machines In Person

 There is nothing like seeing the machine in action for yourself. This will give you a sense for what the finished product looks like, how the machine works, & the quality of the machine itself. It also gives you a chance to ask questions in person, having a knowledgeable professional train you on how to operate the machine & find out about how they can further service & maintain the machine.

With all of the many brands, sizes, types, & options available in ice cream machines it can be a little daunting to buy the right machine for your venue. This is why we recommend you first browse our machine catalog to get a feel for what you might need or Call us at 352-262-9627 so we can help you find the right machine for you.

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