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The Top 3 Frozen Cocktail Recipes Using Tequesta: A Wine-Based Liquor Substitute

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tequesta blue agave special drink with mayan calendar and mexican frozen margarita drink with strawberry and taylor 430 machine with slices concession logo

What Is Tequesta?

 Tequesta is a wine based liquor that uses only the purest blue agave (Agave tequilana) imported from Jalisco, Mexico to make all sorts of classic cocktail recipes like Margaritas, tequila sunrise and many others. Tequesta is made by fermenting and filtering the blue weber agave to give you a refreshing taste no matter how you serve it, some people even serve it on the rocks with a delectable squeeze of lime.

                                                                            - Que viva México Chavales!

Why Should I Use Tequesta?

  • Legal Sale Of Liquor-Based Cocktails With Only A Beer & Wine License: if you're just starting out with your business or have been in business for years in the food and beverage industry & don't have a full liquor license, using these wine based liquor substitutes is a great way to legally compete with other bars and restaurants giving your business the edge without costing you an arm and a leg for a license (not to mention all the hoops you have to jump through to get it!).

-Talk about a real life saver!

  • Pricing: Some of the highest quality spirits are very expensive and can drive up the costs of producing cocktails. Premium blend drinks retain similar quality but are made much more affordable than top shelf spirits at local stores.
  • Quality: Premium Blends has won a total of 20 prestigious awards from wine tasting competitions, food and beverage championships, and so on.
  • Versatile Alcohol Content: Each state has different restrictions on the alcohol percentages that are allowed in certain drinks, therefore Premium Blends makes sure to make their drinks with different percentages to comply with these standards. Tequesta comes in 24% & 17% alcohol by volume.
  • Variety Of Recipes: There is a variety of recipes that you can make using Tequesta, which include everything from adult milkshakes to margaritas, coconut & coffee based cocktails & even vegan recipes! The possibilities with Tequesta are endless, especially since the alcohol 'bite' is less than other liquors.
  • Increased Bottle Wine Sales: Selling liquor based substitutes actually increases your sales in bottled wines. Scenario: If a customer has a glass of wine before their dinner, they will most likely just order a second glass while eating. If a customer has a refreshing cocktail before eating, it is more than likely that they will order an entire bottle for their meal.

Who Is Premium Blend?

 Premium Blend started in the 1990's by the Santos brothers when a year earlier they had discovered a way to help businesses with limited beer & wine licenses sell full cocktails. The Santos brothers had previous experience working in restaurants and nightclubs so they already knew the value of providing wine based liquors because it is extremely difficult & expensive to acquire a full liquor license.

Since then, they've expanded their product lines and grew from Florida into the majority of the US, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. But this is just the beginning of the story, Premium Bend is looking to grow more and more as they improve their products every day.

You can read more about premium blend on their about us page.

What Frozen Cocktails Can I Make With Tequesta?

These recipe proportions were made on a rough estimate considering the production capacity of a Taylor 430 (One of our most popular machines). The mix hopper is capable of holding 18.9 liters of product mix while the freezing cylinder can hold up to 6.6 liters, which gives us a total production capacity of 25.5 liters.

The following are recipes provided to us by Premium Blend's website & we encourage each business owner using their products to experiment with the proportions & preparation of each cocktail because every customer's palate is unique. If unsure, we recommend you survey or take time out of each day to ask your customers for their preferences. Maybe even give out a few samples of the same frozen cocktail to see what customers prefer.

1) Frozen Tequesta Sunrise (Tequila Sunrise)

- Makes about 170 servings of 5 oz. , & a Total of 25.5 liters


  • 13.65 L Orange Juice
  • 7.85 L Premium Blend's Los Pepes
  • 4 L Grenadine

Fill machine's hopper with orange juice, then add Grenadine. Let freezing cylinder serve final frozen product with pre-stirring product mix in a container or the machine's hopper.


frozen tequila sunrise


2) Frozen Peach Margarita (Any Fruit Margarita)

Makes about 170 servings of 5 oz. , & a Total of 25.5 liters


  • 4 L Tequesta
  • 2 L Premium Blend (Santos) Triple Sec Mix
  • 4 L Premium Blend Peach Daiquiri Mix
  • 15.5 Water

Blend ingredients & pour into hopper. Garnish with a peach slice when served.

*You can also use this recipe to make any type of fruit flavored margarita by using the fruit flavored daiquiri mixes and/or adding fresh fruits to your recipe (or a simple margarita by removing the flavored daiquiri mix & fresh fruits).


frozen peach margarita

3) Frozen Coco Loco (Piña Colada)

- Makes about 170 servings of 5 oz. , & a Total of 25.5 liters


  • 7.25 L Tequesta
  • 11 L Pineapple Juice
  • 7.25 L Premium Blend Piña Colada Mix

Blend and garnish with pineapple spear.

frozen pina colada

- For more exquisite recipes, check out Premium Blend's Tequesta Cocktail Recipes page.


What Machines Do I Need To Make These Frozen Drinks?

Taylor 430

taylor 430 margarita frozen cocktail machine

Taylor 340

taylor 340 frozen drink machine

Taylor 342

taylor 342 frozen beverage machine

We always suggest the Taylor 430, 340, & 342 models because of:

  1. How easy they are to disassemble, clean, & reassemble.
  2. How relatively inexpensive these machines and their parts are.
  3. Reliability of the brand and how all frozen dessert machine technicians have experience with the Taylor brand (making it easy to find a tech in the event that you need one).

A Small Thank You...

We wanted to give a small thank you to our partner Philip Reis who's a sales manager at premium blend. We've been working with him for a while and he was nice enough to better educate us on all the exquisite products premium blends has to offer as well as give us their wonderful recipes to make the highest quality frozen drinks with wine-based liquor substitutes.

If you ever need hard liquor substitutes, cream specialty wines, ready to drink cocktails, or any kind of mixes or fine wines we strongly recommend you contact Phil. He's very knowledgeable, friendly, and listens very careful to help best meet your business's needs.

Feel Free To Give Him A Call At: (954)605-6294


If you have any further questions about the machines we offer, & how they could benefit your business:

Check Out Our Frozen Drink Machines

Or Call Us: 352-262-9627

* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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