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The 2 Main Electro Freeze Pump Styles: RMT & CMT Mix Transfer Systems

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What's The Difference Between The Two?

In terms of operating, both ice cream machine pumps have the same output capacity and high quality in finished product. The areas where they differ are the materials used for the pump, pump design, & pressure (in p.s.i.'s).

CMT Mix Transfer System

The CMT is the older peristaltic pump style designed by Electro Freeze. This ice cream machine pump is characterized by more plastic parts, especially the MTS covering/housing.

Because it is mainly made of plastic materials, it makes it easier for it to experience wear and tear and need more replacement parts and maintenance.

cmt pump inside an electro freeze machine


What Parts Does A CMT Have?

cmt pump layout with parts labeled

1) Mix Transfer System (MTS)

Used to transfer the mix from the storage cabinet below the machine to the freezing cylinder while infusing air into the mix.

2) MTS Handle

The handles moves the MTS slide up & down to engage the transfer hose with MTS rollers. This allows access to transfer hose.

3) MTS Swing Clamp

The Clamp secures the MTS slide into position, where it should come into contact with the rollers. The whole system will operate only when the swing clamp is secured into place.

4) MTS Slide

Places the transfer hose into the proper position under the rollers.

5) Pickup Tube

Moves the product mix from the mix container (barrel shaped hopper) to the MTS. The duckbill check valve prevents product from returning to the mix container instead of going to the freezing cylinder.


How Do You Do Maintenance On A CMT Pump?

Disassembly & Cleaning




RMT Mix Transfer System

 The RMT is the newer pump style that is incorporated into pressurized Electro Freeze machines. The design of the RMT was inspired by the more robust pumps that Electro Freeze would use when making frozen dessert machines for Dairy Queen.

The RMT is most notable for using stainless metals instead of plastic. This causes the RMT to be more durable.

This pump uses more pressure (pounds per square inch) in its system which can be controlled through the air tubes.

rmt pump inside an electro freeze machine

How Do You Do Maintenance On An RMT Pump?

Disassembly & Cleaning




What Parts Does An RMT Have?

rmt pump layout from electro freeze manual with parts labeled

1) Support Roller Bearing

The bearing holds the roller assembly in place.

2) Shoe Roller

The roller offers an opening where the mix transfer hose can be inserted. This squeezes the transfer hose against the rollers.

3) Complete Roller Assembly

Pumps product mix & air through the tubes to the freezing cylinder.

4) Knob Hand

Keeps roller shoe locked into position.

5) Clamp Shoe

Places the hand knob into position over the roller shoe.

6) Retainer Air Tube

Keeps the air meter tube in the "up position".

7) Air Meter

Regulates the air being pumped through the system.

8) Tube Air

Provides a connection to the air meter.

9) Clamp Assembly Soft Hose 5/8"

Prevents leaking from mating parts.

10) Hose Assembly Mix Braided

Connects the mix transfer systems (MTS) to the cylinder inlet.

11) Cover MTS

The cover protects the MTS from other moving parts and needs to be in place for the MTS to operate.

12) Hose Transfer Red

A "red lined" hose is squeezed by rollers to move the product mix to the freezing cylinders.

13) Tube Assembly Mix Inlet

Moves mix from the container to MTS.

14) Duckbill

A check valve made of rubber that prevents the product mix from moving backwards into the mix container.

15) Port Air/Mix

 Infuses air into the product mix as it flows into the transfer hose.

16) Clip Tube Retainer

Locks the mix pickup tube into the air or mix port.

17) O Ring

Keeps the mix tube sealed in the air or mix port.


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