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Liquid vs. Powder Ice Cream Mix: What You Need to Know

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Picking the ice cream mix that is right for you and your business is critical to your success. Liquid and powder ice cream mixes each have their own merits, and in this post we're going to cover everything you need to know to make the right decision.

scale weighing a jug of liquid mix and box of powdered mix with slices concession logo

liquid drop liquid powder mix for making gelato and hard ice cream Liquid Ice Cream Mix liquid drop liquid powder mix for making gelato and hard ice cream

Liquid Ice Cream Mix At A Glance Infographic Slices Concession

- The Product -

Liquid ice cream mix creates the quintessential soft serve ice cream, the type of product you remember eating as a child. The taste and texture are similar to that of the large chains that carry soft serve, like Dairy Queen. In more technical terms, liquid ice cream mix is dairy-based and the butterfat content is higher (4-6%), creating a smoother ice cream with fewer ice crystals.


    - Distribution, Storage & Price -

    Liquid ice cream mix must be kept refrigerated below 40℉ and has a short shelf life, requiring rapid distribution and quick use. Not every distributor has the ability to distribute liquid mix, due to its short shelf life. Therefore, liquid soft serve mix is not available everywhere.
    These requirements make transporting this kind of ice cream difficult, putting a strain on distribution and transportation on all levels. Thus, liquid mix is recommended for shops, restaurants, and those making ice cream on-site and where the distribution of the liquid mix is available.
    Liquid ice cream mix will run you a few more dollars than powder, due to the higher fat content. Fat equals money, in this case, and higher fat content means a more expensive product.


      powder scoop  powder mix for soft serve ice cream  Powder Ice Cream Mix powder scoop  powder mix for soft serve ice cream

      Powder Ice Cream Mix At A Glance Infographic Slices Concession

      - The Product -

      Did you ever eat ice cream at the county fair as a kid? You probably enjoyed ice cream made from powder mix then! Powder ice cream mix is usually nondairy. Compared to liquid mix, powder ice cream mix has a little bit more crystallization. 


        - Distribution, Storage & Price -

        Ice cream powder mix has a stable shelf life and is easily transportable, making it effective and efficient for distribution. These features allow the mix to be shipped anywhere, making powder mix convenient for those without liquid mix distribution.
        Easy transportation also allows the customer to make ice cream virtually anytime and anywhere - ice cream machine and electricity withstanding.
        For these reasons, powder mix is great for fairs and festivals or for any seller that needs to travel with their product. Ice cream powder mix will also cost you less, due to a lack of fat in the mix. And that's a plus for everyone!

          Once you decide on what type of mix best fits your company, give us a call and we can connect you with the machine that's right for you!


          vanilla soft serve ice cream cup or Call us: (352) 262-9627 vanilla soft serve ice cream cup


          * Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.


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          • Concise and informative web site. However, do you need to add other basic ingredients, such as milk products. to powder ice cream mixes?

            Charles Gay on
          • Hi Mark,

            Thank you for your comment. We do not sell mix, only machines –

            Slices Concession on
          • Dear sir we are procurement company i have clients interested in skimmed milk powder in large quantity let’s to know your team of payment and your prices regards Mark

            Mark on
          • We have a very small soft serve at our home makes about 2 large cones and one med cone, can you recommend any size that would work as a home and party (our party’s) no neighbors

            Crystal on
          • Awesome article about liquid vs powder ice cream.Really this is a fantastic post.I like a skin problems related article. Just saying thanks will not just be enough, for the tremendous lucidity in your writing.

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