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Spotlight: Mami's Foods

Posted by Priya Brantley on

Mami, Naomi Posner the owner of Mami’s foods, stopped eating dairy and noticed the the limited amount there was of non dairy products being featured in ice cream stores. She decided to make the change and pursue creating her own line of mixes that can be sold to ice cream stores to ensure the inclusion of non dairy consumers. Mami’s Foods produces non-dairy vegan ice cream mix that is made from a coconut based mix. Though featuring no dairy this mix certainly does not lack in flavor. The mix is called Froconut and it is best paired with fruity flavors, while cashew and almond based vegan mix is best paired with more savory flavors such as chocolate and salted caramel. Froconut is easy to mix and it leaves consumers feeling light and refreshed rather than sluggish, due to it having less fat based product. The process is simple: Add warm water and any chosen flavor to your Froconut dry mix. After all ingredients are mixed just simple freeze and serve!
Vegan ice cream is on the rise as more and more people are making the switch. Between people making the alternative for health reasons or ethical reasons, it is just as satisfying and also doesn’t leave you feeling weighed down, as regular ice cream often does. Though featuring no dairy, vegan ice cream certainly does not lack in flavor and still offers a rich and creamy taste, that has no deficiency to rich and creamy ice cream.
With it being such a great product, it is only right that it is paired and serviced with one of the many machine from we distribute at Slice’s Concession. Whether you are using Mami’s Foods mix to create a creamy vegan soft serve, or using it to make a nice hard flavoring in a batch freezer, we offer the machinery to fit your needs.
Below is a great video found on Mami’s Foods Youtube channel featuring the making of strawberry gelato using their Froconut mix. The video features usage with an at home blender so imagine the results with one of our featured machines!  You can truly see how easy it is to make a delicious vegan treat!
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