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Scoop School: Batch Freezer Spatula Test

Posted by Destini Miller on

 In this segment of Scoop School, Mr. C addresses the simplicity of the spatula test. This test ensures your ice cream consistency is right and ready for extraction.
The test is conducted by slightly opening the door of the batch freezer to let a small amount of product out. Dispense the product onto a spatula and then turn the spatula upside down.
If the product is still wet and runny and drips onto the floor its very possible your product is not ready and will need a couple more minutes to freeze. If you complete this test and the product remains on the spatula, your product is ready for extraction. You can tell by how firm the product is.
The end product is directly affected by how long the mix had time to freeze and churn. 
A good product is firm, creamy, and soft, but not too runny.
Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided.
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