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Scoop School: The Novelty of Ice Cream Windows

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Do customers really want to see how their ice cream is made? Yes! They do. Mr. C of scoop school suggests giving your customers access to the ice cream making process especially if you have the ease of using batch freezers. The process is very fun for customers and people love to see where their food comes from.
If your business is not in a position to give customers access to this sight, there are other alternatives. Mr. C suggests using a live stream that can portray the ice cream making process, as well as having content videos on a constant loop either on the website or broadcasting inside the restaurant. Not only is this visually appealing, its also nice for the aesthetic. Ice cream is one of those desserts that look really cool being made and consumers love the “open kitchen" concept.
There's a reason the bar scene is so popular. Customers LOVE to watch their foods/frozen beverages being made in front of them. It gives them the rare opportunity to see where their food comes from. Batch Freezers and slush machines thrive in this open environment, and is sure to raise profits if added to your open-access concept.
There are some things to consider however, if you give your customers access to the kitchen. Its pretty obvious its important to keep the area tidy. After a long lunch rush your station may have seen better days. This is why its so important to keep your station clean if your customers can see. This will ensure customers aren’t turned away by the messiness of the kitchen, and won't inevitably take their business elsewhere.
Special thanks to Scoop School for the information provided. 
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