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Scoop School: Nuts, Cherry, & Cream Topping

Posted by Destini Miller on

 In this segment of Scoop School we learn one of the many ways we can boost customer morale. 
Customers that order milkshakes don't always want the standard toppings that come with it: nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry.
Once you've extracted product from your used ice cream machine or from the batch freezer, you may serve it in a cup and top it with whipped cream. Naturally, you see whipped cream and think: this must also be topped with nuts and a cherry! But this shouldn't always be the case.
By giving these toppings to every customer you use a lot of product that is being wasted. According to Scoop School, only about one out of ten people actually want all three. The other nine people aren't eating the toppings you served them--resulting in loss.
By simply asking every customer if they would they like ice cream/milkshake toppings of nuts, cherries, and cream before finishing their order, you can save on product loss and it makes your customers feel extra accommodated. 
This extra task may seem tedious in the checkout process, but it ensures you're only giving customers the products they request rather than unnecessary extra. 
🍦Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided.🍦
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