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Scoop School: Ice Cream EASTER EGGS

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 In this segment, Mr. C delivers the SCOOP on how to make Easter egg ice cream! He starts by running a full bag of mix through his Taylor batch freezers and extracts the product into a container. He then evenly fills a rubber Easter egg tray with ice cream. (Note: Scoop School suggests making sure the batter is evenly distributed and molded into the tray to ensure you see the design).
Once you'll filled the tray set the entire batch into your blast freezer for about ten minutes for the eggs to harden and mold. Once they're finished you can extract the eggs individually from the tray and prepare for decorating. Mr. C inserts skewers gently into the bottom of the egg and dips them into Popsicle covering. The possibilities are endless-- from chocolate to strawberry to hazelnut toppings!
Once they're freshly dipped and evenly coated, place them back onto a pan and into the last freezer for another ten minutes. This will harden the coating onto the egg.
Once you remove the batch from the freezer, use your hand or your spatula to knock off any excess topping that's stuck on the sides of the egg. 
Now you've made ice cream Easter eggs that might make even the Easter bunny jealous.
You can serve these eggs individually or prepackage them in clam-shell containers for your customers to buy in bulk. One way to really set the bar is to garnish the bottom of the container with artificial grass (candy grass) and place the eggs on top. This simple trick is visually appealing and creates a mini Easter egg hunt in the box.
🍦Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided.🍦
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