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Scoop School: Cup sizes in the Ice Cream Industry 🥤.🥤.🥤

Posted by Destini Miller on

Scoop School gives us the rundown on the variety of cup sizes available to you as a business owner. Choosing the right size cup for your product can go a long way in portion control and how presentable your product is. 
Solo sample cups (3oz) are the smallest size plastic cup you can offer in the industry. These cups can be used for samples, condiments, or for those wanting extra toppings on the side. A lot of traditional ice cream shops offer plastic spoons for trying their product. You can really make your business stand out by offering small cups of product while your customers wait.
Sundae cups (5oz) work as a great alternative to cones. They're the equivalent of a (S) size serving of ice cream/frozen yogurt. A single serving of a sundae cup could replace the use of a cone, especially if your customers want toppings. With sundae cups, you can give your customers product plus nuts and candies without creating a mess. These cups also work best for Gelato because its denser and is served in smaller portions.
They also come in larger sizes for more scoops. A (12oz) sundae cup would be ideal for (M) or (L) size servings of ice cream. Mr. C of Scoop School uses these cups for his premium items and concretes. You can easily extract product from your soft serve machine or batch freezer and blend in toppings. These cups are about the equivalent of 3 scoops of ice cream.
For shakes, smoothies, and floats Scoop School recommends using (16oz) sundae cups. Its important to learn good portion control because these cups can make or break your customer's perception of your product. Over-stuffing in these cups will leave your customers full only halfway through, leading to product waste; while too little product will make your customer feel cheated. Portion control is vital for larger cups.
If your store offers more To-Go style dining or a drive-thru, you may want to invest in larger cups anyways. (20oz to 32oz) sundae cups are ideal for those serving product To-Go style and don't need to worry too much about a stylish display.
Another container to really up-sell your product would be banana boats. Banana splits sell great in the warmer months, and you can really capitalize on the market by serving tasty banana splits. Seriously, first impressions are EVERYTHING. You don't wan't to be that shop selling sexy banana splits in a plastic hot dog container. Respect the split!
🍦Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided.🍦
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