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How To Install A Three Phase Frozen Dessert Machine

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In this article, we explain how to install a three-phase ice cream machine & how to check the polarity.

*** We recommend you have a certified technician do any adjustments or changes to machinery and always be careful because electricity can be dangerous & cause harm.

Note: Single phase frozen dessert machines do not need to have such careful installation because of their wiring.

The beaters inside the freezing cylinder are designed to rotate clockwise. When turning clockwise this pushes the frozen ice cream mix towards the front of the machine so it can be poured out through the face plate's spouts.

If installed incorrectly, the reverse polarity will cause the freezing ice cream to be pushed up into the hopper (the opposite way of where you would pour ice cream).

How Do You Check The Polarity?

First, you need to hook up the machine to make sure power is running to it. When you turn the machine on you need to hold a magnet up to the area that holds the face plate & freezing cylinders.

If your machine is older than a 2010 model, you won't need to use a magnet. For example: if your machine is a 2008 model, it doesn't need a magnet. 

All Taylors from 2010 and newer need a magnet but some other brands/models might not. Call us at 775-338-3545 if you're unsure.

Put the machine on wash so the blades start spinning. On Taylor machines, if the beaters are spinning counterclockwise then you need to adjust the polarity of the machine. Most soft serve machines will need to spin clockwise, but it is not always the case. To figure out the direction, look at your auger, and determine which direction would push product toward the front.

How Do You Fix The Polarity?

Standard Three Phase Outlet

hand holding standard three phase outlet with arrows pointing to each prong showing which is ground white black and red

If you take a closer look at the standard three-phase outlet, you find that the ground is at the top, white is at the bottom, and the black and red are found at the sides opposite to each other.

To change the direction of the beaters, all you have to do is switch the red & black wires on the plug.

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