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Preventive Maintenance For The Taylor 161's Rear Auger Seal

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taylor 161 ice cream machine with auger without blades o rings haynes lubrifilm lubricant and slices concession logo

In this article, we show you how to do maintenance on a Taylor 161, the rear augers of the machine, & how to replace the seal to prevent internal damage to the machine's electronic parts. We always recommend you have a certified technician do any adjustments or changes to machinery and always be careful because electricity can be dangerous & cause harm.

Taylor 161 Features

taylor 161 ice cream machine  the 161 is a very versatile machine. It is designed as a counter top model with two flavors and a third twist option, single phase, 220 volts. This makes it perfect for bakeries, deli's, small gas stations, and any other type of business looking to add high-profit margin products such as soft serve.


taylor 161 auger without blades or o rings and has an arrow pointing to the part where the o rings goes and connects to the drive shaft

The augers found in a Taylor 161 have o rings that go on the rear seal holes. When you check the seals for wear & tear, make sure to pay attention to how much the seals extend outward past the metal.

If the sealing o rings don't extend past the metal, the ice cream inside the freezing cylinder can pour out into the machine's moving parts and cause damage. The seals are found on the end which connects into a gearbox and spins with the blades to scrap the freezing ice cream mix off the walls of the cylinder.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to purchase new O rings and replace them when you notice that there is some wear & tear. Also don't apply lubricant to the bolt, only on & around the o ring.


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