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Lotus Energy Drinks

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We sat down with Scott Strader, owner and founder of Lotus Energy Drinks. Lotus is a plant based energy mix brand from California. What got Strader in the industry was when his friends at the time worked for the popular energy drink line, Red Bull. “I noticed that the product could not be good for you, the ingredients are not something you would ingest over time. Being an herbalist, I’ve dealt with medicinal plants, for the better part of my life,” Strader says. “I believe in the healing of the body through plants.”
The idea of bringing something that energizes you but without the adrenal stress is the goal of Lotus. “The lotus flower is a great symbol of healing,” states Strader. This is how they get their name. The company uses the outer layer of the coffee plant called cascara. By deconstructing the coffee plant you get all the benefits of increased flavor without the adrenal stress. 

 Lotus has proved to be successful in both low end and high end venues. “In your basic coffee shop, instead of super artificial flavors, when you use Lotus you know for a fact our product is strong, we’re made with plants, we’re a healthier alternative and we believe we taste better. In high end bars that serve Lotus, adding the age old Lotus flower in high end drinks that can be charged at a premium price has been successful. Anything can be constructed with something as organic as this.” 
You can also expect to see a speed of service using Lotus Energy Drinks. When using with a quality used Taylor 430, all you need to do is create a drink such as frozen lemonade as we did in the video and add your flavorings. You can also do this with an alcoholic frozen beverage, like a classic margarita. Add Lotus raspberry mix to it and you now have a delicious high end raspberry margarita energy boost cocktail! You can sell a drink like this for up to $14 dollars and your profit margin will be just like Lotus, organic and ever growing! 

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