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Hand Dipped Cones

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With summer here, different concepts are sure to make their feature in the ice cream circuit. A treat that is always popular are hand dipped ice cream and cones. This summer treat is sure to make any customer happy.
It is fairly easy to learn how to make chocolate dipped ice cream. You will need a cone holder and a sturdy box that is on the small side. There are many ways you can cook the chocolate, preferably with either coconut or olive oil. Don’t forget to add the smallest amount of sea salt. Stir this constantly with a rubber spatula for 4 minutes. You will then transfer this into a small bowl. After you have filled your cones with ice cream, you will freeze the cones and then dip them in the melted chocolate. You will then return the cones back into the freezer for at least 30 minutes or up to 24 hours. You will find out how versatile these cones can be, with the option of adding nuts, candies and an array of different inclusions. You can store your product and assortment in a bain marie to make sure you are organized and ready to serve. You are sure to please all taste palettes alike! 
Creating specialty items, especially for the summer season can help you increase your overall profit margin. A 32g case of chocolate cone coating from Conagra Foodservice contains about 582 servings. You can easily upcharge a speciality cone by a dollar. This means each case can garner you an average profit of $550. If you were to purchase a box of cone coating you have the potential to make $3,330 per box. Expanding your menu can reap its benefits, here at Frozen Academy we think you will enjoy the addition of that sweetness to your summer.
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