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Checking the Breaker on a Taylor Ice Cream Machine

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slices concession taylor 430 frozen beverage frozen drink margarita machine with hand using magnifying glass to see electrical circuit breaker inside

When it comes to investing in technology, especially high quality machinery, it would be nice to think that nothing ever goes wrong. No stress, time, or money would be spent on fixing a problem, that most of the time, the operators of the machinery don’t know much about.

Uh oh! That doesn't sound too good...

How To Check & Reset The Breaker

If your biggest nightmare becomes a reality and your Taylor frozen dessert machine unexpectedly stops working properly, the first step in repairing it is to check the breaker.

*Side note*, This is the first step not only for a Taylor ice cream machine, but also for any machine that plugs into a power outlet. The machine requires a lot of power when the motors and compressor are running. Sometimes a voltage drop in your incoming lines will create an amperage surge and trip a breaker.

-Chino Leong, CEO Slices Concession

office building and gelato italian ice shop building with electrical outlet wires pink iconsPower flowing into your building is not constant; the fluctuations in power occur as equipment is turned on and off. Any surge in power (or drop) coming into the building can cause a surge in amperage. Because breakers are tripped by amperage, this can cause a trip. When a breaker is tripped consistently, the next step is to see what is causing the over amperage situation. 

Now, if your breaker does trip, it’s important to acknowledge some potential causes. Learn some Taylor soft serve machine troubleshooting tips below.

fan blowing air through ice cream machine opening1) Restricted airflow to the unit: An adequate amount of airflow is necessary in order for the machine to regularly cool down and clear out the built up dust on parts inside. The compressor must work harder and run longer to make up for the lack of airflow, should this be the case, which can cause overload and in the grand sense, a blown breaker.

gelato hard ice cream machine power sybol with arrow pointing out showing output2) An excessive amount of output: The machine must have time to recover regularly. Producing more output than the machine can handle will dramatically reduce that amount of time. Again, this can cause the machine to overload, which can blow the breaker.




    3) Low Voltage into your machine: Required incoming voltage is stated on the machine's data plate. Let's assume for example your machine has a rating of 208v-230v 10 amps. If the voltage drops to 180v incoming to your machine, you will need 13 amps causing a 10 amp breaker to trip.

    4) Bad motor or capacitor: Common part failures are capacitors, each motor has 2, one for start and one for running. If your capacitors fail, the motor will pull over amperage to try and compensate. When your machine is under a load the motor will not start and a breaker will trip. Most capacitors are cheap and if fixed quickly will not damage the motor. We recommend you having a professional check the capacitors, and motor for damage. Capacitors store a large electrical charge and can injure or kill you if handled improperly.


    Make sure for Taylor ice cream machine troubleshooting, that you know the rating of the breaker that your Taylor soft serve machine has. The breaker should align with the maximum breaker size on the data plate, as shown below.

    Taylor Ice Cream Machine data tag showing the serial number, model number, amperage (amps), and voltage (volts).

    If you find that the machine breaker is blown often, it is probable that there is an underlying problem. In this case...

    circuit breakers in panel box on wall with taylor data plate showing total amps needed for breaker  

    How Do I Check The Breakers?

     Always check the breaker on the wall first. For the breaker in the machine, locate the red reset button on the breaker. With the machine in the off position, press the reset button and try to operate the machine again.

    taylor soft serve frozen yogurt machine front panel under drip tray has red arrows pointing at holes where you can press the breaker reset button If your specific machine doesn't have a breaker, check the breaker on the wall. Whether you are checking the breaker on a Taylor, Stoelting, Electro Freeze, or Carpigiani machine each company has a similar electrical layout on their machines.


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    * Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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