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Italy is known as the country of excellent ice cream. Gelato is world-famous as a smooth creamy, healthy, flavor-packed treat. With this rich history, we have to respect the iron workhorse of Italian ice cream production. Yes there are other machines from Italy and some are very good, but Carpigiani is the industry leader for making gelato and for good reason. Carpigiani gelato and ice cream machines are found in many American ice cream chains because of the quality and durability of construction. They tend to make excellent Gelato, sorbetto, and American ice cream. First building machines in 1946, Carpigiani has created quite a name in the ice cream industry. They have widespread service network and parts availability.

These gelato machines for sale come in 3 phases and are almost always water-cooled.

The most popular models are the Lb502 (American ice cream) or 502g (gelato version) and Lab 100 (small 1-liter countertop machine)

We make sure that all of our machines pass a rigorous 22 point inspection. Before we buy & before we sell a machine, we inspect every nut & bolt in the machine. Our in-house technicians have over 10 years of experience in diagnosing, repairing, inspecting, sanitizing & rebuilding ice cream & frozen desserts machines.

We invite you to come to one of our warehouses for an in-person demonstration or we can send you a video of the Italian ice cream maker serving ice cream. We also encourage you to come with or send us one of your trusted technicians to inspect the machines you’re interested in purchasing. Before you receive the machine, we make sure to thoroughly sanitize the inside & outside of the machine to protect you & to keep your customers safe for years to come.