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Chapel Tavern

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We sat down with Sean from Chapel Tavern, a popular bar in Reno, Nevada that specializes in artisan frozen cocktail drinks and features the cult classic, frose. Chapel Tavern is currently using a Taylor 430 that was purchased from Slices Concession. Their frose recipe uses a selection of wine from Jenny Francois, who is an all natural wine maker based in Reno. One full batch of frose features 9 liters of wine and is able to make 80 8 oz. servings. This is a great example of the profit you can make using the frose machine which Sean says has paid for itself. However not just due to how cheap it is to make but because frose is also one of their most popular items. “People will even ask if we have it during our winter months,” says Sean. In regards to the speed of service, bartenders can quickly grab a chilled glass and insert product. It’s proven to be an easy method to learn, and even easier to teach employees! 

This is their third summer featuring the popular frozen cocktail drink on their menu. When divulging into their other menu items, they are quite creative with spur of the moment recipes. Last year they featured a “Day of the Dead” themed cocktail using their own house pineapple tequila, their own habanero bitters, their own hibiscus syrup, and fresh lime juice. “It came out in this really cool, deep purple color. It was fantastic,” says Sean. “Refreshing, spicy, and bold. The machine operates so well, you can put a fair amount of booze in there. You can use spirits and the consistency is still perfect.” 
Our managing partner, Evan Waldt “has been great and a very great supporter of Chapel Tavern. He has been there to help us out with any machine concerns. We got a fair market value price from Slices Concession. We had the machine for one day and it was wildly successful,” says Sean. “I’ve seen plastic machines try to make frozen drinks, they don’t stay clean. These are professional grade machines, definitely worth the money. Its consistency and durability is fantastic. If you invest in this and manage your supply costs, it’s something you will have for years to come.” 
If you are ever in Reno, Nevada stop by Chapel Tavern and try their popular frose! Below are a few recipes Sean shared with us that you can try recreating using your

White walker:
3000ml Rum
3000ml pineapple
1500ml Goya coco creek
1500ml OJ
3000ml water
2250ml gran agave
1500ml bardstown 
2250 sage syrup
750ml lime
1500ml mango 
180ml saline 
3750ml water
1000ml gin
500ml aperol
500ml apricot liqueur
1000ml Orange
500ml lemon
750ml simple
Jugo de jugo:
3000ml gran agave
1600ml Agave 
2700ml Lime
4000ml watermelon

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