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What Type of Base Should I Use To Make Amazing Gelatos?

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Finding out what type of gelato base to use is the most important part. In this post we'll explore the different types of bases you can use & what the pros & cons of each is.

The Different Types Of Gelato Bases:

Powdered Bases

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Powdered bases are easy to use & gelato ingredient manufacturers usually have a wide variety of flavors & types of bases. Some powdered bases are complete, where you only add water or milk to the product. They will even include the flavoring as well where all you have to do is open the bag, mix it with either milk or water and put it into the batch freezer. Other mixes require additional ingredients like sugar and stabilizers to complete the powdered base. Although easy to use, powered bases are expensive and require heat treatment (in a pasteurizer) or cold treatment (mixed in a bucket). Most cold-treated bases have a shorter shelf-life than heat-treated bases.

Liquid Bases

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Using liquid bases is another option for making gelatos. Many manufacturers sell liquid bases which you only have to mix with the flavorings and pour it into your batch freezer. These can also be fairly expensive. Another option for obtaining a liquid base is to have a dairy farm specially manufacture your base formula. This usually requires you to buy case minimums (quotas that you might not be able to meet).

Making Your Own Base

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Making your base from scratch is the best method & is usually the preferred method of must Gelato store owners.  Using whole ingredients (milk, heavy cream, sugar, etc) and combining them yourself in the pasteurizer means you can truly call your product homemade. Although it's time consuming, making your own gelato base is the cheapest option. Your customers will truly appreciate the freshness and depth of flavor that only a homemade base can accomplish.

Please contact us if you have any questions. With any gelato batch freezer or pasteurizer purchase, we give you a complimentary Gourmet Gelato recipe book which also includes a special section on Italian Sorbetto recipes.

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