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The Top 6 Best Wines To Exquisitely Complement Your Ice Cream, Gelato, & Sorbet

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vanilla ice cream on flower decorated table next to fancy bourdeaux red wine bottle

If you ever visit Europe, you might just have the pleasure of enjoying the rich texture & dazzling home made flavors of the Gelatos, Sorbets, & Ice Cream made by local Ice Cream Shops. Many People also take some time to enjoy the wonderful array of quality wines that are offered in Europe. 

At Slices Concession we asked ourselves, why can't people enjoy both? But, how do we pair the riveting personality of a wine with the uniquely passionate perspectives of a Gelato, Sorbet, or Ice Cream?

We decided to play match maker with our Drinks & Desserts & the following list of our Top 6 Exquisite sorbet/ice cream/gelato and wine complements are sure to pleasantly tickle your palate!


1. "Merry" Mango Gelato & An Italian Asti

magno gelato with little leaf on top with italian asti bottle

 Nothing like pure enjoyment & laughter with a mango gelato & Italian Asti. These are wonderful anywhere you go, you can even bring this lovely pairing home to meet your parents!

2. "Promising" Peach Gelato & An Italian Prosecco

prosecco bottle & peach sorbet ice cream on peach colored table with wafer cookies

 Instantly surrounded by the sights & sounds of wedding bells & beautiful long white bride dresses, The Peach Gelato & Italian Prosecco make you want to say "I do".

3. Succulant Strawberry Sorbet & A French Moët & Chandon Rosé

strawberry sorbet & Moët & Chandon Rosé

 Shy & Quite, the Strawberry Sorbet & French Rosé will take you out for a lovely summer's picnic in the park with 80's music playing on the radio! Ahh, nothing like a little summer love, eh?

4. Lavish Lemon Sorbet & A German Riesling Sekt

 lemon sorbet ice cream on table with flower on top and bottle of Ulrich Langguth Riesling Sekt Dry

 Let the Lemon Sorbet & German Riesling take you to the ball in a beautiful horse drawn carriage. You won't regret it, just be back home before midnight.

5. "Amore Siciliano" Pistachio Gelato & A French Chateau Guiraud Sauternes

 pistachio ice cream with pistachios on table & Chateau Guiraud Sauternes

 The pairing of the Pistachio Gelato & French Chateau is surely to whisk you all the way to Sicily in a small sail boat while memories of a beautiful accordion make your visit an unforgettable one! Muah! How I Love-a Mama Italia! :)

6.  "Charismatic" Coffee Ice Cream & An Italian Grappa (Pomace Brandy)

 italian grappa with coffee flavored gelato sorbet

 No need for energy drinks when you have a chilled morning kiss from the combination of coffee ice cream & grappa. "Buona Giornata Signore Sole " (Good Morning Mr. Sun :) )

7. "Il Sogno" Chocolate Gelato & A Spanish Pedro Ximénez

chocolate gelato ice cream with chocolate piece and Pedro Ximénez nectar dulce wine

 This pairing is sure to remind you of all of your "Dolce Sognos" as you savor the timesless flavor of chocolate. Flying through the starry & moonlit night on a shooting star with this pair will make sure you wake up refreshed in the morning :)

While this list is not at all exhaustive, we recommend that you experiment with what you enjoy and you'd be surprised at what new & exotic combinations you might discover.

If you're excited to make your own home made Frozen Desserts to pair with wines, we reccomend you check out our catalog for some of the finest Gelato, Sorbet, & Ice Cream machines. If you have any questions call us at 775-338-3545.

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