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Taylor Machines Are Used Around the World: Meet Mari From Estonia

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Slices Concession Taylor Machine Drawing Mari

Taylor Machines: A Global Company

If you are an ice cream lover, than you have most likely heard of the Taylor company. They are one of the leading ice cream machine manufacturers. They are headquartered in Rockton, Illinois and operate in 125 countries and have over 160 distributors. At Slices Concession, the nation's largest wholesaler of used frozen dessert machines, we have worked with Taylor machines and equipment for 10+ years. We know the ins and outs of almost every machine. These high quality machines are built to last. Even after 15+ years of use, many of them still run like a charm. 

At Slices Concession, we have worked with many international customers. We have been in the ice cream industry for a long time. We do our best to empower other ice cream entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. This blog post features a very special guest who also has a passion for Taylor machines

Meet Mari-Liis From Estonia 

Slices Concession Taylor Machine Blog Post Featuring Mari From Estonia     

Mari contacted us through Facebook to talk about the Taylor machines she frequently performs maintenance on. She first started to do brush cleanings for the machines at her job last October. She soon realized how much she enjoyed working with the Taylor machines. Her boss noticed the great work she was doing and decided she should service the machines at every station. She sought out more information and stumbled across our Youtube Page, where we provide in-depth analysis and maintenance for specific Taylor machines. 

She is very proud of the work she does and hopes she can do it for a long time. She stated that it's not about the money to her, which is refreshing to hear in the ice cream industry. When it comes to making sure the machines are in perfect condition, Mari wants to be the best. Mari told us that the winters in Estonia are harsh. They have to "winterize" their machines for a few months. Even though the winters are long, that does not stop Mari's passion for servicing the machines that make delicious milkshakes. 

More of Mari's Taylor Machine Work: 

Slices Concession Blog Used Taylor Machine

Slices Concession Used Taylor Machines Blog Featuring Mari From Estonia

Slices Concession used taylor machine brush art flowers! Slices Concession Used Taylor Ice Cream Machine featuring Mari
Slices Concession Mari From Estonia Blog Post


What's Your Ice Cream Story? 

Slices Concession Mari Taylor Blog PostWe loved hearing what Mari from Estonia had to say about Taylor machines. We wish her the very best. We also love helping people follow their own ice cream and frozen dessert goals. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur looking to invest, or a Mom and Pop store looking to diversify your menu, you can count on our ice cream machine and industry expertise. We have helped hundreds of people with their restaurants, ice cream shops, and concession stands. Let us help you achieve your ice cream goals. 

So, what's your ice cream story? Tell us, we would love to hear it. 






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