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How To Winterize & Prepare Your Frozen Dessert Machine For The Winter Season

Posted by Joe Kearns on

When a water cooled ice cream machine is in an environment where it may be exposed to below freezing temperatures, it needs to be "winterized" to prevent damage. The winterization of a freezer is the process of removing water from a machines water coils. Water that is left in a machine and exposed to freezing temperatures will freeze, expand, and burst the coils. This Video is a great example of the damage caused to a machine by not winterizing it. *** We recommend you have a certified technician do any adjustments or changes to machinery and always be careful because electricity can be dangerous...

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Choosing An Air Cooled Ice Cream Machine Vs A Water Cooled Ice Cream Machine

Posted by Slices Concession on

- Haz Clic Aquí Para Español - Water Cooled or Air Cooled?   When you're deciding to add ice cream machines to your current business or starting a new frozen desserts business, one of the first things to consider is the kind of product you want to serve and the type of machine that best suits that need. All ice cream machines from batch freezers to soft-serve machines, work by transferring heat away from the ice cream mix and freezing it in the process. The transferred heat is removed from the machine by either a water or air based system. Check out the difference between...

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