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Frozen Dessert Industry & Machine Articles — Emery Thompson

Should I Buy A Single Phase Or Three Phase Ice Cream Machine?

Posted by Slices Concession on

- Haz Clic Aquí para Español - Deciding between buying a single or three phase ice cream machine is a common, yet important, question customers ask. With anything you buy, you always need to weigh out the pros and cons of each. Each option is better suited for  a specific situation. Some ice cream machine models are only available in one option. In this post we explore all of the above concerns. What Is The Difference Between A Single Phase & a Three Phase?  Single Phase: Single phase can be compared to a highway that is single lane. The highway provides...

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How To Winterize & Prepare Your Frozen Dessert Machine For The Winter Season

Posted by Joe Kearns on

When a water cooled ice cream machine is in an environment where it may be exposed to below freezing temperatures, it needs to be "winterized" to prevent damage. The winterization of a freezer is the process of removing water from a machines water coils. Water that is left in a machine and exposed to freezing temperatures will freeze, expand, and burst the coils. This Video is a great example of the damage caused to a machine by not winterizing it. *** We recommend you have a certified technician do any adjustments or changes to machinery and always be careful because electricity can be dangerous...

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