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Stoelting F231 Ice Cream Machine Guide with Features

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Stoelting F231 Overview photo with features


The Stoelting F231 is one of our most popular ice cream machines, and is great for small businesses looking to add a menu item to increase profits. Since 1905, Stoelting has been manufacturing commercial ice cream makers and frozen dessert equipment. Their equipment is built in the USA, with their Headquarters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

At Slices Concession, we have worked with these machines for over 10 years. We stand by their reputation of having "state of the art engineering and uncompromising quality." Stoelting Philiosophy

Offering popular soft serve variations including low or non-fat ice creams, yogurt, custards, and sorbet. Giving you the option for 2 separate flavors or an equal combination of both in a twin twist. 

In this video tutorial, Slices Concession explores the Stoelting F231


  • Precision controlled refrigeration system designed for quality product consistency. 
  • Powerful IntelliTec2™ control communicates with the operator through a multiline graphics LCD display using full text instructions.
    • Provides additional operator information.
    • Enhanced service diagnostic capability.
  • Energy Conservation Mode (ECM) protects product from over-agitation during slow or non-draw periods.
  • Compact design with a small footprint. An ideal choice for locations where space is an issue.
  • Proprietary auger design gently folds mix and prevents product breakdown, producing a smoother, creamier product.
  • Clear door shows visible moving product for merchandising appeal.
  • Self-closing spigot eliminates waste and ensures precise portion control.
  • Spigot handle height meets ADA requirements for self service locations.
  • Adjustable dispense rate for optimal product output. 
  • Long-wearing parts offer low preventative maintenance costs. 
  • Built for ease of operation and cleaning. 
  • Twist feature allows you to serve two flavors individually or combine flavors for a unique twist.  

Overall, the Stoelting F231 is a great machine. Most Stoelting machines, when serviced properly, will last for 25-30 years. After you find the right product mix for your store/business, you will have the ability to serve a high quality product. 

For operating and specification manuals for the Stoelting F231, please see our support page. 

Feel free to browse our Frozen Dessert Machines or call us at 352-262-9627 for more information.


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