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Spotlight: Stax Ice Cream

Posted by Priya Brantley on

Frozen Academy had the pleasure of interviewing Vida Feng, one of the owners of Stax Ice Cream in New York City. A Baruch College graduate, she started making ice cream in college with co-owner Sophie Gao. After being encouraged by friends and family to pursue their passion, they finally decided to open up a store of their own. Being open for a little over a year and a half they have garnered much success.
What sets their venue apart from the competition is their unique array of flavors. Being Asian-American, they like to combine flavors from both backgrounds. For example, the Asian inspired ube flavor as well as black sesame. And additionally the American inspired Carmella, a doughnut ice cream sandwich. Feng’s favorite part of working in the ice cream industry is getting to see new faces and how fun the atmosphere is. She says that the year and a half they have been open has flown by. Her favorite food to pair with ice cream are baked goods.
The warmness of of the bread with the coolness of the ice cream makes for a great flavor palette. Their specialties are Carmellas and uniquely flavored ice cream cones . As far as catering to people with dietary restrictions such as egg or dairy allergies, they are in the works of adding dairy free options. An innovation that Feng would like to see in the ice cream industry is an easier method to creating ice cream cakes. It is a long process to master and having classes for this type of pastry development would be very helpful.

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