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Spotlight: Kelvin Slush Co.

Posted by Priya Brantley on

Slices Concession had the opportunity to sit down with Kelvin Slush Co., if you have yet to hear about the brand, they are the originators of frose. What sets them apart from the competition is their quality of ingredients, each mix can make countless cocktails. They are versatile and true creativity goes into each drink. They are also certified organic and non-GMO. Rather than producing your typical slushie, with lots of additives and high fructose corn syrup, their flavors are subtle and sophisticated. 
We talked to Helena Tubis, the vice president of sales and marketing from their New York region. She shed some insight on working for the company. “I love getting to work with people from all walks of life. Eating and drinking brings people together.” And indeed it does, producing more than just cocktail mix has expanded their network. The company has a wide array of innovative recipes that use their mixes - from classic cocktails, to frozen mocktails that include ingredients like kombucha, to tiki drinks and beyond.
The company was started by Alex Rein and Zack Silverman, both were working at a law firm and bonded over their shared interest of frozen drinks. However, most ingredients in slushies were not the best in terms of health. They came up with an idea to produce their own brand of premium, organic slushies. They started a food truck on the streets of New York City in 2010. Two years later they began collaborations with national venues. This garnered them huge success and they now exclusively sell wholesale to venues throughout the United States and Canada.
If you are an establishment that is considering new menu items, Kelvin Slush Co. has a wide variety of products to choose from as well as recipes that will make it all the more easier for venue owners to make their frozen drinks. Here at Frozen Academy, we think you should choose Kelvin Slush Co. to help your business get cool for the summer!

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