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Spotlight: KC Wine Co.

Posted by Priya Brantley on

Slices Concession sat down with Kirk Berggren from KC Wine Co. Vineyard and Winery. They are a popular vineyard located in Olathe, KS. They are an avid buyer of machines from Slices Concession. What got Kirk into the wine industry is actually a funny story. The lease on their pumpkin patch had expired, and the piece of new land that they found ironically had a vineyard on it.  Instead of getting rid of the grapes, they decided to keep them and start their own vineyard! This all happened in 2014, they opened a year later in 2015.
They feature a variety of over ten wines, hard ciders, and slushies. Kirk informed us about the booming success of adding slushies to their menu. They started with a bartop model and with the growing popularity of the drinks, they could no longer keep up with the demand. They ended up getting a Taylor 342, a quality used two flavor model from Slices Concession. When they opened up their second building, they realized they would need additional models. They currently are the proud owners of five Taylor 342’s. They serve 16 oz. servings using a farm-wine license.
Kirk used his innovative nature to develop specific formulas to add flavors to the wine while in its frozen state. The public’s response has been astounding. “They love them,” says Kirk. “Overall, they are our biggest seller.” Their specialty drinks currently consist of sangria, limoncello, peach bellini, and a wine-a-rita. “It’s easy to train people on the machines,” says Kirk. “It lets you know when it is low on product. The larger machine is well worth the 220 voltage wire. It’s important to not think too small.”
The typical experience at KC Wines is a sure-fire blast! Activities include sampling their different wine flavors, as well as their novelty wine slushies. They have 200 tables, so guests can easily social distance. Expect to see a live music show, catering from local food trucks, and feel free to walk the grounds to see the wonderful scenery. If you are ever in Olathe, Kansas be sure to checkout KC Wine Company!
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