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Spotlight: B Chill Lemonade

Posted by Priya Brantley on

Slices Concession sat down with the B Chill Lemonade team just days ahead of the grand opening of their first storefront at the Hickory Ridge Mall in Memphis, Tennessee. The lemonade has become quite popular in the town and its CEO is just ten years old!
At age six Kinyah Briggs-Bean was challenged by her dad to start a company by age ten and she did not disappoint. The family considered helping her start a Baskin Robbins but it was not launched. In January, 2017 while living in Jackson, Mississippi, one afternoon Kinyah found her lemonade to be gone. It turns out her father had drank it, when confronted he apologized and stated that he would take her to the store to purchase some more. However he came to find out that the lemonade he drank could not be bought, because it was made by 8-year-old Kinyah at the time! He could not believe that his daughter could churn up restaurant quality lemonade, the family decided to print flyers and post them on vehicles, they soon received an order request for 5 gallons of lemonade.
And thus B Chill Lemonade LLC was started. Lemonade is a huge industry but in terms of competition, the B Chill team states there isn’t any. The only competitor they currently have is themselves. With “hope being in every cup” they provide hope in small businesses and inspiration to take a leap of faith. Their favorite part of being apart of the industry is helping other parents believe in their kids. Kinyah is not only an entrepreneur but an author as well, “Chillin’ My Way To Success” is her first book. She loves the family bond that this business has brought her.

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