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Scoop School: Recycling Broken Waffle Cones

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 Wait! Don't throw those broken waffle cones away! Scoop School shows us what to do with broken waffle cones even if they've gotten a few beauty marks.
A common misconception is that a broken waffle cone is useless. And with good reason you might think this. How can you keep ice cream in a waffle cone full of holes? The ice cream will leak right out! Mr. C shows us how to recycle those broken cones into new flavors or customer treats. 
One way to reuse your waffle cone is to break off large pieces and use them as ingredients in another recipe. In the video, Mr. C uses the example of caramel waffle flavor with real waffle cone pieces mixed inside. Talk about ice cream with texture!
Another way to reuse your cones is to break off some pretty large chunks and freeze them down. Dip them in a chocolate coating and viola! This makes for waffle cone chips coated in chocolate-- similar to a chocolate dipped waffle cone. Serve these by them self or as an accessory to ice cream. 
You can also break off pieces of your cone and simply put them in a plastic banana boat for your customers to sample while they wait. Your customers will enjoy being accommodated during their wait, as well as appreciate the free samples. The cones have so many great uses that throwing them away because of holes would just be a waste. Put them to use again with some of these great methods. 
Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided.
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