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Scoop School: How to Roll the PERFECT Waffle Cone

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Mr. C of Scoop School gives us the 411 on how to roll a waffle cone. They're simple, quick, and easy to make; plus they make your entire shop smell like a bakery!
To start this fun process, you'll need a good batch of mix. In a large mixing bowl, pour in cold water first, and then gradually add your waffle mix until you get a consistent thick batter. It should resemble that of thick pancake mix. 
Once your equipment is at the appropriate temperature (approx. 370℉), spoon a quarter cup onto the center of the hot plate. Let the mixture bake for about one minute and then use a spatula to remove it from the waffle maker. 
Place the waffle flat onto the rolling apparatus and insert it through the waffle cone roller by pushing and rolling at the same time. Do this motion about 3 to 4 good times to ensure a cone shape has formed. Scoop School warns against rolling too many times as this will begin to destroy your cone.
Mr. C notes that if you begin hearing "crunching" while you're rolling, you've gone too far. This will cause holes to form in your cone and ice cream will leak from the sides.
*No one wants to walk out of the ice cream shop with dairy running down their fingers*
Scoop School also suggests making sure your batter is the right consistency before baking waffles. If your batter is too thin, you'll find small holes have been breached in the sides and a similar problem will occur.
Your first couple cones might not be the best and may have a couple pinholes. That's okay! Making the perfect waffle cone takes repetitive practice. Mr. C offers a couple ways to recycle those shabby cones into complimentary treats or supplemental ice cream ingredients. 
🍦Special thanks to Scoop School for the lesson provided.🍦
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