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Slices Concession Machines: Going From Our Warehouse To Your Store

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slices concession truck with 3 taylor 430 frozen beverage frozen drink margarita machines infront of it

We take the process of matching you with an ice cream machine to fit your exact needs very seriously. Every machine we sell goes through our full process to make sure we are giving you a machine that is in the best possible condition.


truck carrying images of taylor 8756 and taylor c713 soft serve frozen yogurt ice cream machines inside slices concession warehouse

Every Machine we sell needed to be purchased first, we are very specific about which machines we will purchase. Many times we have passed on machines, because they have damage or have not been maintained properly by their previous owners. Our initial inspection is actually at the point of purchase. We examine inside and out to see if the previous users of these machines cared for and maintained them.

After our technicians inspect the machine & ensure it is functioning up to par, we purchase the machine & transport it oursevles to one of our two warehouses: Slices Concession West (Located in Reno, Nevada) or Slices Concession East (Located in Gainesville, Florida). Between the two warehouses, we stock more than 1,000 machines. It is an important part of our business model that we pick the machines & transport them ourselves. This helps us ensure that no damage happens to the machines and allows us to keep the level of quality control we desire for our customers. 

22 Point Inspection

truck carrying images of machines going through a 22 point inspection at slices concession with valves & meters checking components & hardware

After a new machine is introduced to our warehouse, it undergoes a 22 point inspection. Any repairs which may need to be performed are done at this stage and the machine will move on to the cleaning stage.

22 Point Inspection

1 - 3) We check the exterior parts, the seals for the trombones, and the rear seals where the drive shafts go for any noticeable cracks or leaks. 
4 - 6) Before plugging the machine in, we check the pressure of the left, right, and hopper compressors. 
7 - 8) We check the condition of the belts. 
9 -10) We check the amp reading on the left and right motors.
11 -12) We check the amp reading on the left and right compressors.
13) We check the amp reading on the hopper compressor.
14 -15) We ensure that the control panels are working.
16 -17) We make sure the standby function of each side is working.
18 -19) We ensure that each of the barrels is getting a nice ring of frost.
20) We check to see that the hoppers are getting cold.
21) We check the quality of the hopper covers.
22) We also ensure the low level lights for the hopper are working.



Fixing & Replacement Of Parts

truck carrying pictures of a taylor soft serve machine empty barrels soft tech controls and insides with air cooled system

When the machine arrives to our warehouse we run functionality tests (testing the circuitry, cooling system, fluidity & efficienty of the machinery/hardware) & diagnosees are done to find out what potential replacements or repairs are needed to be done on each machine. We order spare parts & components from reputable distributors and make the necessary repairs to each machine we recieve. After ensuring that the machine is properly functioning, we send it off to be cleaned & sanitized.

Cleaning & Sanitation

truck carrying pictures of clean & sparkling stoelting f231 & f131 machines

First, we take off the machine's panels and then we cover the beater motors, fans, & other electrical hardware with plastic to prevent water damage from the washing process. 

We wash & clean all machines that come through our warehouse and use a heated wash when necessary. We leave the machine for three days to fully dry, then we wipe down inside the machine with cleaners. While the machine dries we power wash the panels & when those are dry we reattach them to the machine.

Then, we take off all the removable pieces (face plates, drip trays, draw valves, o rings, blades & beaters) and we wash them in warm soapy water & then sanitize & lubricate the pieces that need lubrication.

 Finally, we use oil based cleaners & polish sprays to preserve & protect the outer layer of stainless steel. 

Product Mix Test

delivery truck with images of soft serve ice cream being poured from a stoelting f231 and taylor 8756 frozen yogurt machines being product tested

We run the machines through one more inspection & a mix test. What is nice about this final inspection is, because the machine has been listed and waiting for a new home it has been given plenty of time for any leaks to show themselves. We recheck pressures before and during mix test to compare with our 22 point inspection test. For the mix test we pour liquid product mix into the hopper & have the machine produce a final frozen product. While the machine is making the frozen dessert we ensure each side is cycling properly and we time the machine to make sure cooling is working evenly and within machine specification. Then we make a video of it to send it to the customer that purchased that specific machine.

Crating & Shipping

fork lift putting crate with gelato machine & slices concession logo into truckThe machine is wrapped and crated with wood to ensure that it is safe in shipment to the customer & we schedule shipping if our customer needs it.

 * Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

If You Have Any Questions

slices concession phone calling symbol Call Us: (352) 262-9627 slices concession phone calling symbol

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