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How to read your Taylor Serial and Model Number

Posted by Joe Kearns on

Taylor 161 Countertop Soft serve Machine back informational panel showing all of the specifications of specific model machine

When you buy a Taylor ice cream machine all those numbers on the data plate are important, but you have to know how to read them to find out what they mean. With the serial number you can find out when your machine was made. Within the model number itself, each digit represents a code used that describes what your machine can be used for.


Example 1:

  • If your machine has a SN:M2035927, this machine was manufactured March of 2012.
  • If your machine has a SN: K0013503, this machine was manufactured January of 2000.

Lets look at the model number chart:

Example 2:

  • If your machine is the C713, this machine is "C" crown series, "7" soft-serve, "1" random number, "3" Gravity fed.
  • If your machine is the 430, this machine is "4" Shake, "3" random number, "0" gravity fed.

If you have any questions on how to read the serial number on your Taylor ice cream machine, please feel free to contact us.

Joe Kearns

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