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5 Tips to Keep Your Ice Cream Store Safe

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Safety is an important aspect when operating an Ice Cream Store. At Slices Concession, we successfully operated a Gelateria for 5 years. We share 5 simple and effective tips in order to better equip your store for safety. 

1. Employee Training

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It's important to have your employees familiar with safety procedures so they are able to respond to an emergency if needed. We recommend that you train employees properly and treat them with respect. Having a properly trained workforce will save you time and hassle when keeping good talent during those busy summer months. 

2. Store Cleanliness

In 2014, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported more than 3 million workplace injuries & illnesses most commonly caused by:

  • Poor lighting/visibility
  • Tripping over objects
  • Reaching for something while standing on an unstable chair

These statistics represent the importance of cleanliness. Store cleanliness is burdensome, especially after large volumes of customers during peak hours or holiday seasons. However, as soon as the rush is over, it helps to clean up asap. 

3. Proper Security Systems

Security System PhotoCrimes are committed by customers and employees. Which is why employee training and good management is vital. Even though security systems can be expensive, they prevent crime. Having cameras. We offer used security cameras as well as Computer/POS systems 

4. Regular Maintenance Inspections

Taking time to ensure that everything is running smoothly will save you future time and resources. Regularly check safety equipment, network security, and ice cream machine maintenance. Again, during peak season, these are small issues that can be taken care of efficiently when store owners are proactive. 

5. Proper Safety Equipment

You need to ensure your safety equipment is fully functional and up to date. For example, first aid kits, generators, flash lights, batteries, etc. 

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