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How To Adjust The Rear Coupling On Your Frozen Dessert Machine

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taylor 8756 soft serve frozen yogurt machine with slices concession logo and rear coupling that connects to drive shaft

What Is The Rear Coupling?

The rear coupling is a metal coupling behind the drive shaft, that connects to the gearbox inside the machine & the drive shaft which connect to the augers which spin and mix the ice cream inside the machine.


 A rear coupling has a hexagon shaped hole which connect to the gearbox inside the machine.  rear coupling for taylor machine
The shell bearing has both circular holes and goes inside the freezing cylinder towards the rear part of the machine. rear shell bearing that goes inside the freezing cylinder which holds the drive shaft

Why Does It Need To Be Adjusted?


When you pour the product mix into the machine's hopper, it is poured/pumped into the freezing cylinder. When the ice cream starts to freeze, it expands inside the barrel causing pressure on the drive shaft and the lubricated rubber shaft seal. When the rear coupling is not adjusted properly to fit the drive shaft, the drive shaft is pressed against the shell bearing causing the shell bearing to become flattened and sharp. When the shell bearing is sharpened, it cuts the rubber seal which causes the product mix to pour into the machine's electrical and mechanical system.


soft serve machine with leak coming from the freezing cylinder due to drive shaft being pushed against the shell bearing


How Do You Adjust The Rear Coupling?

disassembled parts of a taylor 8756 showing drive shaft auger and face plate

You take the drive shaft without the rubber seal on it and you attach a spacer (anything used to make space like a washer) to the drive shaft to create a spacing of 1/16 of an inch. Then you adjust and tighten the rear coupling. This will keep the drive shaft from being pushed against the shell bearing. Simple maintenance items like these will prolong the life of your shell bearings saving replacement cost and a service call in the future.



* Follow all local and national health codes. Always refer to local and national rules. This article is just a suggestion.

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