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Exploring The Benefits Of A Taylor 342 Frozen Drink Machine

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In this article, we explore the capabilities and production capacity of the Taylor 342D frozen drink machine.

This Taylor slush machine is designed to make a wide variety of frozen beverages. Not only does it make incredible daiquiris, but it also makes margaritas, pina coladas, and even spiked lemonade. The machine can be adjusted for each type of different product to get a consistency and temperature of how you want it. It also a wonderful high volume machine for smoothies, acai, frozen coffee, teas, and much more! Check out the videos below to explore it for yourself!

Machine Features

The Taylor 342 daiquiri machine comes with two freezing cylinders, each capable of holding 1.75 gallons and two hoppers which hold about .5 gallons of product mix. This machine does about 12 gallons of finished product per hour per side. This is great for individual or large pitcher sales.

Indicator Lights

Add Mix

Lets you know when the mix level is low inside of the hopper.

Mix Out

Lights up when there is absolutely no more product inside of the hopper & there is only mix found in the barrel. At this point, the Taylor frozen beverage machine will shut off completely to protect the barrel.

Cleaning Required

This indicator light can be set to require a cleaning every day, every fourth day, or completely disable this light depending on the needs of each business.

Refrigeration Compartment

ice cream & frozen yogurt toppings with chocolate m&m's gummy bears fresh fruit raspberries and chocolate covered strawberries and nuts

This compartment is found behind the machine's drip tray and underneath the barrels and it can be used to store different toppings & things you'd like to use in your frozen drinks. Some machines come with a blender in the middle of the two freezing cylinders so you can mix up ingredients before serving to customers.

Production Capacity

Taylor 342 with strawberry margarita in garnished glass with x 10 showing times ten

We use 16-ounce cups to test the production capacity of the machine. Each freezing cylinder is able to serve five 16 ounce cups (10 cups or 160 ounces total) for each barrel before the machine needs time to freeze more product to get it to the same consistency.

For manuals, tutorial videos, & spec sheets on the 342 machine check out our Taylor 342 support page.


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