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Getting Started: With Frozen Beverages & Daiquiris

curving road with frozen beverages like frozen peach margarita frozen strawberry daiquiri & frozen blackberry vodka shake

1) How To Increase Your Profits By Selling Frozen Lemonade & Frozen Beverages

To keep it simple, frozen daiquiris, lemonade, and other drinks are very inexpensive products to sell. People absolutely love a refreshing drink on a hot day & the profit margins of this particular drink are high. Also, keep in mind that there is no shortage of the ingredients you need nor is it difficult to find at your local grocery store or supermarket.

When it comes to selling frozen desserts, you can easily sell a 12 Oz cup of lemonade for $4 to $5 and your costs of making it will be under 10 cents per cup. These products have very high profit margins.

2) Frozen Drink Machines: A Versatile Investment

While margaritas are one of the more popular drinks made in the Taylor frozen beverage machines, they can make such a wide variety of drinks. In the article, we explore the many different drinks this type of machine can make, and how this versatility can benefit your business & profits.

3) Reasons Why You Should Buy Used Machines Instead of New

New frozen dessert machines cost from anywhere of $12,000 to an upwards of $26,000. That's a lot of capital, especially if you are just trying to get your business started. This may also become a bigger hurdle to jump over if you want to have more than just one machine. We strongly recommend starting with one or two machines and then upgrading them accordingly to models that produce higher volumes. Our machines are just a few years old and priced at 40-70% less than new machines on the market. The money you save by buying a used daiquiri machine can be invested in any other area of your business.

Whether or not you are starting your business or already established, pricing is an important factor when making any kind of investment. Buying a machine for strawberry daiquiris or other drinks is the equivalent to buying a car.

Frozen Daiquiri & Drink Machine Videos

Acai bowls are the latest trend in frozen desserts, with the fruit being nutritious and delicious! Our machines make creating this dessert a breeze, offering your customers a guiltless indulgence at lightning speed!

Frozen Drink Machine Specifications

Taylor 430

 taylor 430 frozen beverage machine

- Taylor 430 Spec Sheet -


Taylor 340

taylor 340 frozen drink machine

- Taylor 340 spec sheet -

Taylor 342

taylor 342 frozen cocktail margarita machine

- Taylor 342 spec sheet -

Frozen Lemonade Cart

front part of frozen lemonade cart at a frozen desserts convetion with giant umbrella and frozen drink machine with small hexagon showing the inside and behind the counter part of the cart


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