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Frozen Yogurt Machine Parts logo with slices concession logo and machine cleaners, sanitizers, lubricants, and brushes

Who is FrozenYogurtParts.Com?

Frozen Yogurt Parts Company got their start in the industry when they noticed a need for quality frozen dessert machine parts in an industry where manufacturers price gouge their customers because there is no competition on the parts & supplies needed by customers to keep their machines & businesses running smoothly.

FYP manufactures high quality, after-marketing, OEM replacement parts for the soft serve machine industry. The parts they make are the same specifications and same materials as the ones that the original manufacturers make... the only difference is the price!

So what does this mean for potential customers of FYP?

Not only do customers save money but their placing an order is hassle-free. Instead of having to call the nearest distributor of the company at certain hours to order parts, people can order on their website at any time of day, any day of the week. This helps customers order quickly and efficiently without having to deal with taking time off work or pushy sales reps.
FYP offers a 30-day no hassle return policy.
 FYP is a certified member of the National Ice Cream Retailers Association (NICRA). NICRA national ice cream retailers association logo

What Do They Offer?

Wearable Machine Parts:

  • Plastic wearables
  • O rings & seals
  • Part/Tune-up kits.
The kits include scraper blades (for the machine's freezing barrels), o rings (for the feed tubes, air orifice, & prime plugs), gaskets (for the dispenser doors), star caps, front bearing support, and H-seals (for the middle draw valve on machines that offer the third twist flavor).
Taylor 336, 338 and 339 Annual tune up Kit with parts for frozen dessert machines

Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies:

  • Brushes (for draw vavles, freezing cylinders, & rear bearings) lubricants (Haynes, stera sheen, petro-gel, & spline), Sanitizers 
  • Plastic O rings
  • Picks
cleaning supplies like brushes stera sheen and lubri-film plus


What Discounts Are Offered Through Slices Concession?

Since we have partnered with FYP, they have been kind enough to offer our customers an extra 5% savings to the already 30% savings they offer when you compare the price of their products to those of other large companies in the ice cream & frozen desserts industry.

Make sure you use the Promo Code "SlicesFive" when you order online to get a 5% savings on your purchase at

Here's a downloadable PNG savings card that you can use for your next purchase on their website by using the code that's on the card.  slices concession coupon card for for customers to save 5 percent on their next purchase