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For over 50 years, Technogel (an Italian company) has been perfecting the gelato and ice-cream-making process. Today they offer the fastest and most user-friendly artisan gelato and ice cream equipment available. Mostly known for their industrial equipment Technogel does make some very high-quality stand-alone batch freezers. Technogel America is based in North Carolina and stocks a large supply of quality original parts. In our experience, Technogel makes quality, durable gelato and ice cream machines we feel confident to stand behind. This is why we carry them and why we think you will be happy using one of these machines in your kitchen.

We make sure that all of our machines pass a rigorous 22 point inspection. Before we buy & before we sell a machine, we inspect every nut & bolt in the machine. Our in-house technicians have over 10 years of experience in diagnosing, repairing, inspecting, sanitizing & rebuilding ice cream & frozen desserts machines.

We invite you to come to one of our warehouses for an in-person demonstration or we can send you a video of the machine serving ice cream. We also encourage you to come with or send us one of your trusted technicians to inspect the machines you’re interested in purchasing. Before you receive the machine, we make sure to thoroughly sanitize the inside & outside of the machine to protect you & to keep your customers safe for years to come.