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Shop The Nation's Largest Source For Quality Refurbished Ice Cream and Frozen Drink Machines.


Shop: Taylor, Carpigiani, Emery Thompson, Electro Freeze, Technogel, & Stoelting 

Slices Concession started in 2009 a few years after the founders opened and operated a gelato specific ice cream shop. They were shocked at the price of new ice cream equipment, however it was required to make high quality artisan gelato. While looking in the used ice cream machine market, we noticed there was not much equipment available, and what was available was very inconsistent and mostly came from people who had no idea if the machines were functional, or they didn't know much about ice cream to begin with.

At that point we had attended some of the best ice cream classes available, and had experience operating a gelato shop for over 4 years. We felt like we were in a unique position to help many entrepreneurs in similar situations who may not have funds for new equipment, get started in the ice cream industry.  Since 2013, Slices Concession has become the nation’s largest wholesaler of fully working used ice cream & soft serve machines. From small margarita machines for the backyard party to high end, commercial production. We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs like you, and are constantly available to them for consulting advice and equipment support. We value the relationship we build with our customers and standby them for the long term to help facilitate their success.

We make sure that all of our machines pass a rigorous 22 point inspection. Before we sell a machine, we inspect every nut & bolt in the machine. Our in-house technicians have over 25 years experience in diagnosing, repairing, inspecting, sanitizing and rebuilding ice cream & frozen desserts machines.

Slices Concession is the largest used ice cream machine supplier in the nation. Equipping you with used frozen dessert machines to make ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, slushies, margaritas, fruit sorbets, frozen drinks, and cocktails.