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2017 December Newsletter

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Frozen Lemonade Launchpad

To keep it simple frozen lemonade is a very inexpensive product to sell. People absolutely love a refreshing drink on a hot day & the profit margins of this particular drink are high. Also keep in mind that there is no shortage of the ingredients you need nor is it difficult to find at your local grocery story or supermarket.
When it comes to selling frozen desserts, you can easily sell a 12 Oz cup of lemonade for $4 to $5 and your costs of making it will be under 10 cents per cup. These products have very high profit margins.

We have put together several articles to help you get started with Frozen Lemonade.

Exclusive: Unlisted Inventory
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  • 2004 Electro Freeze FT-1 (1ph, Water) $9500
  • 2012 Electro Freeze 30T-RMT (1ph and 3ph, Air) $9400
Call us at (352) 262-9627 for these specials
  • 2009 Stoelting F131 with cart (1ph Water) $3000
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Industry News & Recipes
Top 3 Frozen Cocktail Recipes

Tequesta is a wine based liquor that uses only the purest blue agave (Agave tequilana) imported from Jalisco, Mexico to make all sorts of classic cocktail recipes like Margaritas, tequila sunrise and many others. Tequesta is made by fermenting and filtering the blue weber agave to give you a refreshing taste no matter how you serve it, some people even serve it on the rocks with a delectable squeeze of lime.

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Power of Pump machines

Pressurized machines have the capacity for high volume sales & superior texture and structure for your frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream. In this post we explain the science behind how this is done & compare pump (pressurized) machines to gravity fed machines.

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