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Slices Starter Kit - Soft Serve, Milkshake, Frozen Drink Machines

  • $ 9995

The starter kit is a collection of essentials, featuring accurate cleaning brushes, LubriFilm Plus lubricant, an o-ring remover tool, and Stera Sheen sanitizer and cleaner.

Designed to help you transition smoothly from unboxing your new machine to making delicious ice cream or frozen drinks, ensuring you have everything you need right from the start. This kit aims to bridge the gap between the excitement of acquiring a new machine and the practicality of operating it, allowing you to focus on creating delightful treats effortlessly.

4 Piece Cleaning Brush Set:

- 1" Fan Brush (Blue) - Cleans air tube, plungers ect.

- 1" Fan Brush (Black) - Cleans drive shaft opening 

- 3.5" Freezing Barrel Brush - Cleans hoppers, freezing cylinders, and other miscellaneous components.

- 1” Blue | 3/8” Double-ended Brush - Designed for cleaning prime plug openings and feed tubes. 

Haynes Lubrifilm Plus 4oz Tube.

Haynes Lubri-Film Plus is an optimal heavy-duty lubricant for food processing equipment, ensuring smooth operation without drying or gumming. Its easy application and removal make maintenance efficient, especially for Taylorlube users. Essential for lubricating key components like gaskets, seals, O-rings, valves, shafts, etc.

Stera Sheen Sanitizer and Cleaner 

STERA-SHEEN Green Label is an all-in-one sanitizer and cleaner for a range of machines, including soft-serve and shake, granita, smoothie, and iced beverage machines, plus all related parts and surfaces. It simplifies cleaning by merging sanitizing, deliming, and milk stone removal, cutting down on labor and costs. FDA approved and EPA-registered, it ensures safety and effectiveness, extending machine life and ensuring consistent quality. Its non-corrosive formula, effective against hard water minerals, fats, and milkstone, makes it a preferred choice recommended by top machine manufacturers for optimal performance and maintenance.

Taylor O-Ring Removal Tool

Used to remove O-rings from grooves, glands, and housings without damaging the O-ring or the metalwork.


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