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Taylor G10G

Taylor 751

The G10 (C125) vertical counter-top batch freezer is the right answer to the operators’ need for a complete and reliable machine producing quality gelato, ice cream and slush in small quantities and with reduced investments. Its compact size and visual appeal make it ideal for restaurants, pastry and coffee shops. Manufactured in Italy to ensure Italian equipment quality and technology to serve gelato, ice cream or medium overrun frozen desserts.


Electromechanical Control

Freezing cycle with time setting;
“Temperature preservation” mode to keep the product at the right temperature and consistency if not immediately dispensed after the batch cycle.


Freezing Cylinder

The machine features a vertical freezing cylinder and a steel agitator with easily removable scrapers.

The mix quantity for each batch is 2.3 liter.

Lid: practical and safe

The transparent lid allows easy inspection of the product during the freezing cycle. It features a safety “cut out” magnet which stops the agitation upon the lid opening. This safety feature also allows the possibility to add hard pieces – nuts, almonds, pistachios, raisins and chocolate for “stracciatella” flavor – during the freezing cycle.


 Finished Products: 
Installation Countertop
Number of Flavors


Freezing Cylinder Quantity


Freezing Cylinder Size (qt/L) 2.5/2.3
Hopper Qty  NA
Hopper Size (qt/L) NA
Mix Delivery Systems Gravity
Refrigeration Control Viscosity 
Dimensions w/d/h (in/mm)
20-3/4″ (w)

529mm (w)
20-1/2″ (d)
553mm (d)
23″ (h)
585mm (h)

Net Weight 

121 lbs
55 kg


Operating Manual

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Service Manual

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Specifications Manual

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