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Stoelting F431

Stoelting F431


The Stoelting F431-38 is a Slim, Twin Twist, Pressure Fed Soft Serve/Yogurt Freezer with Refrigerated Mix Storage Cabinet, Floor Model. Maintaining high production capacity in high temperature conditions. Provides great reliability and quiet operation.

  • Maintains high production capacity in high temperature conditions. Provides greater reliability and quieter operation with the combination of Stoelting’s high efficiency evaporator system and Scroll™ compressor.
  • Refrigerated mix storage cabinet holds two 5-1/2 gallon mix containers, a slide-out mix shelf, and two mix pumps.
  • Mix pumps inject the exact amount of air into your mix, maintaining consistent overrun to ensure maximum profitability with clean-in-place simplicity.
  • Long-wearing parts offer low preventative maintenance costs.
  • Energy Conservation Mode (ECM) protects product from over-agitation during slow or non-draw periods.
  • Proprietary auger design gently folds mix and prevents product breakdown, producing a smoother, creamier product.
  • Clear door shows visible moving product for merchandising appeal.
  • Self-closing spigot eliminates waste and ensures precise portion control.
  • Adjustable dispense rate for optimal product output.
  • Built for consistent control of all mixes, including low-fat, low-sugar mixes.
  • Ideal choice for locations where space is an issue.
  • Optional bag connection system eliminates potential contamination sources.



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