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Carpigiani LB100

Carpigiani LB100

A chef's best friend, when it comes to frozen desserts. The Carpigiani LB-100 compact batch freezer offers the same quality and durability as our larger models but fits on your counter. In a matter of minutes, you can create high quality ice cream, fine sorbets and much more. 

Chefs, fine restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops across the nation choose the Carpigiani LB-100, maker of the finest ice cream batch freezers in the world.


LB 100 B
Hourly Production | Gallons 4.5
Cylinder capacity with beater | Qts. 4
Beater motor | H.P. 3/4
Cylinder refrigeration control system | - Electronic H.O.M.
Compressor motor | H.P. 1.0
Refrigerant Type | - R-404A
Voltage Single Phase, 60 Cycle | V 208/230
Condenser | Cooling system Air only
Dimensions l x w x h | inches 15 x 28 x 27.5
Fuse/Breaker Size | Amp. Max 20
Net weight | Lbs. 210
Gross weight | Lbs. 253


Operating Manual

Specifications Manual