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Carpigiani UF253P

Carpigiani UF253P

The Carpigiani UF-253P is a high performance soft serve freezer that combines state-of-the-art technology with simple and efficient operation. It provides high production for two individual flavors of frozen dessert, or a combination 'twist'. This great machine offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of products. These products include: ice cream, custards, yogurts, or sherberts, in any combination. 



  • Separate touchpad controls for each cylinder 
  • Patented mix injection system produces unmatched product quality. 
  • Unique freezing cylinder optimizes refrigeration efficiency. 
  • Labor saving gravity mix feed system offers simple operation and smoother, creamier product. 
  • Low mix indicator lights with audible signal. 
  • Self-monitoring system minimizes costly errors. 
  • Built-in memory stores information to facilitate repairs. 


Specifications Manual


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